“September” out now!

our newest release “September” is now available via b.h.f@gmx.at or at one of our shows. it’s also up for streaming and/or downloading. check it out!

“September” out in october!

we are proud to announce our upcoming release “September”, which will be out on 18th october 2014!!

this release is about the coup d’état in chile on 11th september 1973. it includes a poster and a download-code for two new songs, which tell the story of that day from the perspective of the both main characters, salvador allende, the elected president of chile and augusto pinochet, chief of the army and one of the coup plotters.

there will also be a limited edition (20 pieces), which includes a second picture printed on high quality photo paper.

both photos of this release were taken by marcelo montecino during and after the coup, whose brother was killed by the military in late october 1973.

bhf-september release picture

new shirts

new shirts!!!

produced at a worker-owned cooperative. designed and printed by us.
available at our shows or via b.h.f@gmx.at. go for it!!


euro-tour 2014

we are stoked to announce our upcoming euro-tour 2014!!
spread the word and check us out at one of the following dates.

Sep 13 – AT – Wr. Neustadt @ Fuxbau
Sep 14 – CH – Bremgarten @ KuZeB
Sep 15 – FR – Orleans @ La Scene Bourgogne
Sep 16 – FR – Lille @ Amul Solo
Sep 17 – UK – Reading @ Iguana
Sep 18 – UK – London @ Montague Arms
Sep 19 – UK – Macclesfield @ Swan with two necks
Sep 20 – UK – Middlesbrough @ Ironopolis Social Club
Sep 21 – UK – Edinburgh @ The Banshee Labyrinth
Sep 22 – UK – Sheffield @ South Sea Live
Sep 23 – UK – Leeds @ The Chemic Tavern
Sep 24 – NL/BE – Need help!!
Sep 25 – CH – Wetzikon @ Kulturfabrik
Sep 26 – CH – Schaffhausen @ Rehearsal Room
Sep 27 – DE – Zwiesel @ Jugendcafe


tour (help needed)!!!

we are currently booking a european-tour from 13th-27th september and are still searching for some shows. it would be great if someone could help us on the following dates!

14th september – Italy (North), Switzerland, Germany (South/West)
16th september – UK (Southeast), France (Northwest)
24th september – Belgium, Netherlands, France

if you think you can help us or know someone who possibly can help, please drop us a line at b.h.f@gmx.at

thanks a lot!!!

reviews, reviews, reviews

it’s been a while since the last update, but we’ve been very busy in the meantime and so we have a lot of new stuff to tell.

first of all we’re proud to post some reviews and positive feedback we got for our new lp “shoplifting at stock markets”. unfortunately most of them are only in german, but go and check it out:

ox-fanzine (german)
review ox

second man on the moon (english)
second man on the moon

partyausfall.de (german)

underdog fanzine (german)

burn your ears fanzine (german)






second: together with our friends in small hours, we are currently planning a short weekend tour from 30th october – 3rd november through slovenia and croatia. if you could help us out with a show or know somebody who could help us, please drop us a mail at b.h.f@gmx.at

last but not least: we are playing some shows within the next weeks

19-09-13 Wiener Neustadt @ SUB, w/ White Stain (SLO)
17-10-13 Vienna @ Das Bach, w/ Icons Down (F), Clipwing (CAN)

take care,

upcoming shows

after touring 8000km across europe we are finally back home. the tour was a blast and we can’t wait to hit the road again (maybe late 2013).

meanwhile we are playing some shows in austria. check us out on one of the following dates:

07-14-2013 – Vienna @ Shelter w/ Total Chaos
08-10-2013 – Vienna @ Venster w/ Astpai, Bridges Left Burning
08-18-2013 – Wr. Neustadt @ Fuxbau

thanks a lot and all the best

album release and european tour


we’re releasing or second full-length “shoplifting at stock markets” on 24th may at triebwerk, wr. neustadt. you can allready listen to one of the new songs at bandcamp. more songs will follow within the next few days.

the show on 24th is also the kick-off for our european-tour. dates confirmed so far:

05-24-2013 AT – Wr. Neustadt @ Triebwerk w/ Remedy
05-25-2013 AT – Bregenz @ Between
05-26-2013 BE – Mechelen @ Panique d’O w/ The Manix
05-27-2013 UK – Skegness @ Bankfarm Familybar
05-28-2013 UK – need help!!!
05-29-2013 UK – need help!!!
05-30-2013 UK – Sheffield @ Dove and Rainbow
05-31-2013 UK – Leeds @ The Packhorse Pub
06-01-2013 UK – London @ The Bird’s Nest
06-02-2013 UK – Reading @ The Butler
06-03-2013 UK, BE, NL need help!!!
06-04-2013 DE – Jena @ Cafe Wagner
06-05-2013 IT – Cuorgne @ Linc
06-06-2013 DE, FR need help!!!
06-07-2013 NL – Leeuwarden @ Cafe Mukkes
06-08-2013 DE – Zwiesel @ Jugendcafe

we would really appreciate it, if you check us out at one of those dates. see you!!

album recordings finished & booking european tour

hey,we finally finished the recordings for our upcoming full-length “shoplifting at stock markets” which will be released in may 2013 via LaserLife Records. the release-show is taking place on

24-05-13 @ Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt w/ Remedy (AT)

we are looking forward to see you there!!

the release-show is also the kickoff for our 4th european-tour from 24th may – 8th june. we are currently at the booking-process and will keep you up to date.

upcoming shows:
AT – 16-04-13 @ EKH, Vienna w/ Small Hours (AT)
AT – 04-05-13@ SUb, Graz
AT – 17-05-13@ Vienna w/ The Arteries (UK), Small Hours (AT)
AT – 24-05-13@ Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt (Release Show) w/ Remedy (AT)
AT – 25-05-13@ Between, Bregenz (European Tour)
UK – 01-06-13@ Leeds (European Tour)
DE – 08-06-13@ Zwiesel, Jugendcafe (European Tour)

album recordings

six months have went by since our last update, so it’s time for some news.

we’ve been very busy at the last months, working on our new album.
drums-, bass- and guitar-recordings are finished. today we’re heading to the studio again, to start recording the vocals. i’m kind of nervous, cause recording the vocals is always the hardest part for me.

if all goes according to plan, we will put up some new songs around january 2013. stay tuned!!

take care

At the Studio