BHF was
ANDREAS – vocals/guitar, GEORGIE – drums/back vocals, FRANZ – bass/back vocals, HIRSCHI – guitar/back vocals

BHF played hardcore full of energy somewhere between bands like Disfear, Ruiner and Modern Life Is War. from 2007-2017 this wiener neustadt based 4-piece played numerous basements and stages across europe.

anti-sexism, anti-fascism, anti-rascism, anti-anti semitism, anti-capitalism!!

Profit über Menschen (CD, self released, 2009)
Ignorance Is Bliss (7″, Laserlife Records, 2011)
Shoplifting At Stock Markets (CD/12″ Vinyl, Laserlife Records, 2013)
September (Tape/Poster, Laserlife Records, 2014)
Days Of Dissent (12″ Vinyl, Laserlife Records, 2017)